OCTOBER 15 – OCTOBER 18, 2018





It has never been a more exciting time to be a woman in business! 

More than ever before, women are meeting their potential in the business world, and the possibilities for building a thriving business are endless.

But HOW to achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of?

At the How She Did It Summit, you’ll hear firsthand from 16 influential women in business about how they leveraged the art of connection to achieve their success.
Leading experts in marketing, branding, sales, networking, coaching, consulting, finance, and business ownership share personal stories about:
How she  attracted, inspired, and influenced her clients.

How she recovered from setbacks, overcame obstacles, and leveraged her mistakes as learning opportunities.

How she  used powerful tools of connection to build long-term, loyal business relationships.

Watch engaging, insightful interviews, with practical advice and actionable take-aways to help you move your business forward.
Enjoy this rare and exciting opportunity to gain behind-the-scenes access to thriving women in business!
Expect 4 days filled with inspiring stories, surprising truths, and secrets for personal and professional success.

The How She Did It Summit
starts on October 15








Dill Ward

Chief Heart Connector & HOST 

Dill Ward is the CEO of Women with Moxie, a global community of heart-led women business owners. 

She has activated and inspired thousands of women through the Women with Moxie network, by providing innovative in-person & online networking events, personal & professional development, and leadership opportunities intended to empower, connect and, care for women on their path to success!

She is a best-selling author, sought after consultant, speaker, and event host known for her optimism, enthusiasm, and effectivity.

As a trained & certified master negotiation expert & networking maven, Dill has helped hundreds of families achieve their real estate goals and closed over $100 million dollars in sales during a time she was starting over her life in a new city.




You don’t have to settle for anything less than absolutely everything.”


Inspired Living

“Breathe in gratitude for everything.”


Publicity Consultant

 “Put your message in the proper order so that you speak it well, and feel confident because your message matters.



Networking & Sales

“You can’t love others until you love yourself.”



“Iterate to success. When you find something that works, don’t stop, iterate to
make it better.”



“Build a brand, not a business. Focus on what excites you, what gives you goosebumps.”


Sacred Money Studios

“Respect yourself, and treat your business like a business.”


FoundersPad VC &
XXcelerate Fund

“Don’t compare yourself to anyone, they may look like they are killing it, but you don’t know what’s really going on.”


Sovereign Spirit

“Make your focus every day to show up as the best and highest version of yourself.”



Entrepreneur Unleashed

“Remember who you are on the inside first, then create from there.”


Creative Warrior Enterprises

“Trust that life and the universe and whatever powers are around you are here for you to support you.”


Impactful People NW

Live the life you love, find what drives you, find your purpose and embody it with everything in you.


Women with Moxie

“You are only 1 introduction away from everything, so keep your heart & mind open to everyone you meet.”



Book Strategist &
Shape up Sandi

“Getting out of your comfort zone is what’s going to lead you to the next big wow! Go out and try something new.”


The Audrey Company

“The biggest thing we can do is really understand
who we are.”


Camp YES for Women

“Whatever is in your heart,
say yes to it.”

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Summit recordings are FREE for 48 hours after the summit ends. We get it, you’re busy as a bee. That’s why we created the VIP All Access-Pass, so you could enjoy this juicy content the way you want, when you want.

With a VIP All Access-Pass you’ll gain lifetime access to all the summit videos, downloadable mp3s & pdf transcripts to watch, listen, or reference at your convenience.

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Summit Schedule

Monday Oct 15
Speaker Sessions:
Dill Ward, Tish Times, Luna Jaffe, AmyJo Davies
Tuesday Oct 16
Speaker Sessions: Keri Murphy, Erika Laws, Genevieve LeMarchal, Sandi Masori

Wednesday Oct 17
Speaker Sessions: Fabienne Fredrickson, Amy Jo Kim, Theresa Pridemore, Gundi Gabrielle

Thursday Oct 18
Speaker Sessions: Marli Williams, Jill Lublin, Audrey Godwin, Patti Keating
Live Video Networking Session 9am-10am PST (in Online Connection Cafe)


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Rose Jubb, Wardrobe Stylist, Creator of Style Class & Owner’s Society

Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran digital nomad, I help you prioritize digital tools and apps to support your business. Because tech doesn’t run your business, you do.

Jennifer McFarland, Foster Growth

Heart-Mind Method Certification program which trains coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and practitioners how to deliver stellar results to their clients and a ton of referrals for their business. It’s all about Delivering Results – While Creating Impact and Income!

Sheri Moise – Heart Mind Energy Life Mentoring

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Kelly Totten – CrackerJack BusinessWorks 

Coaches, Healers, and Other Change Catalysts: Stop struggling to find your niche. Don’t wait for clarity, create it!

The Beyond Limits Business Summit disrupts the old models of transformation and success. Pointing you, instead, to the REAL source of innovation, growth and impact. This summit is designed to bring together like-minded, high-achieving individuals. To connect you to a powerful understanding that will change the game for your work and life.

Barbara Patterson, Beyond Limits Business Summit

Now a days, women feel emotionally depleted & spiritually disconnected. For 10 years, I have assisted omen to reconnect to their inner wisdom & Feminine Divine, so they can discover their truth & JOY!

Jacqui Simpson, The Healing Trinity

Join a global community of women
at this 
FREE online summit
and learn how to…

  • Cultivate connection etiquette and long-term relationship skills
  • Gain visibility and influence in online spaces
  • Overcome your fear of selling
  • Increase your confidence and effectivity
  • Establish the lifestyle you want to create for yourself
  • Achieve forward motion in ranks of leadership and business
  • Attract, inspire, and influence your clients
  • Incorporate love and care in your marketing and dialogue networking
  • Run your business with integrity and positivity

What is the How She Did it Summit?
The How She Did It Summit is an online event featuring 16 leading female entrepreneurs & women in business.

You’ll learn how these powerful women have overcome obstacles, recovered from setbacks, and used their networks to help propel them to extraordinary success. Best of all, the How She Did It Summit is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience this extraordinary lineup of women sharing their insights and “Aha” moments!

Who should attend the summit?
Anyone who is interested in learning first-hand from 16 influential women in business! No matter where you are in your business growth, you’ll enjoy four days packed with wisdom, advice, and stories never before shared by highly successful women. You’ll learn about attracting and inspiring clients, gaining brand visibility, achieving forward motion, leveraging connection and business relationships, and so much more. There is truly something for everyone inside the How She Did It Summit — and you’ll be blown away by the insights shared by every one of the incredible women featured! And you’ll get unlimited 48 hour access to these exclusive expert sessions for free.
Where is this event located? Do I have to travel?
This event is 100% virtual! You can attend wherever you are in the world. Because it is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection. The How She Did It Summit is designed to provide valuable content you can consume in a way that works for your life.
How do I watch the sessions?
Once you claim your free ticket, you will receive emails with links directly to each day’s sessions. You’ll be able to view the sessions on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Each session will be available for free for 48 hours. We will be publishing sessions each day (October 15-18) at 9am Eastern Standard Time.
I can't attend all the sessions, will recordings be available?
Summit recordings are FREE for 48 hours after the summit ends. We get it, you’re busy as a bee. That’s why we created the VIP All Access-Pass, so you could enjoy this juicy content the way you want, when you want. You’ll have lifetime access to all the summit videos, downloadable mp3s & pdf transcripts to watch, listen, or reference at your convenience.For only a limited time only $97  ($297 value
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